Celadon Beach Resort

Pier Park

Pier Park

 Pier Park, located by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Among the 124 stores, you will find casual and upscale shopping and dining,  movies at the Grand IMAX Theater, entertainment and live music.

Pier Park, Panama City Beach

Pier Park is a booming hot spot and shopping area, just a few blocks off the beach. Very colorful and quirky. It’s offering shopping, dining, pub, amusement park, movie, and snack. This is a place to visit at sun up or sundown.

Pier Park have pubs like Margaritaville, Tootsie Orchid Lounge, and HB from Germany. There are many restaurants to choose including the area behind the mall next to Dillard. Shopping include various discount in JC Penny. If you have children or teenagers, Pier Park have two different parks due to the age. Pier Park Amusement is for smaller kids and the Miracle Strip is for teenagers or 48 inches minimum height. 

Pier Park is a must see to check out when in the area. There’s something for everyone and every age.

A great way to spend a day.

Nightlife with good food and live entertainment


Why You Should Be At Panama City Beach!

If clubbing and partying is what you’re into, you are about to have a great time at Panama City Beach. You can go to any of the numerous nightclubs, one of them being the biggest in all of the United States. The beaches sport two gigantic nightspots. Get in your dancing shoes and get your jush at some of the best dance floors in the whole country! Make some lifelong friends in this party heaven, and get to meet them at the same spot every year.


There’s still much more to Panama City Beach then just partying. You can choose to pick a place to relax, or chill and hang out with your friends. And if you have a little more time on your hands, try a little bit of everything! Here’s what’s assured – Panama City will not disappoint you. Watch the picturesque sunset from under your blanket on the beach. Then take your kids to a go-cart track or have some fun at Pirate’s Island, a miniature golf course.

If you’re out here alone, the famous Spinnaker, or Club La Vela are the places to be for some dancing and live music. Club La Vela hosts thousands of people every night, and is the largest nightclub in the US! It consists of a stage area, an outdoor pool and a club room that features a DJ and a live band.

The Paradise Grill Restaurant
Beachfront Dining at It’s Best!
The Paradise Grill Restaurant Beachfront Dining at It’s Best!
Spinnaker Beach Club and Paradise Grill
Spinnaker Beach Club and Paradise Grill

Try out some of the most amazing food you’ll ever have at one of the restaurants. If you want some peace and a cocktail post-dinner, several of the restaurants offer lounges that are open till late and will be graced by a live guitarist or pianist who will be playing throughout the night.

If you’re out to have fun with your friends, or just want a drink in a non-club atmosphere, Rock’it Lanes is the place to be! It is a bowling alley that also consists of a mega arcade with plenty of game options, a sports bar, a rollerskate rink and pool tables! This is also the place you want to be if you’re looking to have a good time with your family.

Last Local’s Christmas Party and Toy Drive at Schooners Beach Club
a family friendly event complete with a Santa house and photo opportunities with Ol' St. Nick, himself.
A family friendly event with a Santa house and photo opportunities with Ol’ St. Nick.

No matter what you’re into, you are about to make some amazing memories. Panama City Beach is buzzing with life, no matter what time. There are so many things to do here during the day, but the night life does not disappoint by any means either. The nightclubs and the bars are packed and full. As the sun goes down, you will hear the music pouring off the speakers, and it is time for you to turn it UP! You do not just have to be a party animal to enjoy your time at Panama City Beach, however. The live entertainment, the good food and the myriad other nighttime options you have at Panama City Beach will ensure that you have a memorable time, regardless of your inclination!